What I’m doing now

After 4 weeks in Bali, I spent a week in Penang and Bangkok before arriving in Singapore for my grandma’s 85th birthday.

That’s actually why I went to Bali. I was in Singapore for Chinese New Year in February and thought I’d hang around the area and come back for her birthday.

I love how this remote work lifestyle allows me to spend more time with family. Previously, I’d only visit Singapore once a year. And even that was a stretch. I like to visit for 2-4 weeks, but like most people, only have 3 weeks of vacation a year. And in that time I wanted to travel to some places that I’ve never been to before, too.

I very much enjoyed my time in Bali (and finally understand the hype). I would maybe have liked to have stayed longer, but I already had a bunch of flights lined up.

My plans come May are now fuzzy because of a canceled wedding and bachelorette party. Other bad news in the last month include a friend going through a divorce, and another friend’s mom being diagnosed with cancer. These really put life into perspective and make my own crises (career, love life) seem so small.


This update was April 12th, 2018.