What I’m doing now

In the last month or so, I’ve dove into London’s purpose driven, social good and tech for good scene. I’m so pleased to report that there is such a vibrant and active ecosystem for it here.

Last Thursday, there were three tech for good events taking place on the same night. I went to one with a friend, and much to my surprise, bumped into three other people that I knew there. That’s about half the people I know in London 😅

I’ve been in London ~7 months now, and am increasingly enjoying it. I think it’s a lot to do with finding my tribes. Case in point above + the folk who know me by name or by face at my gym, church and coworking spaces to the local businesses I patronize. Community is something nomads complain about, and while the lack of it might not have been obvious to me, its presence now is much appreciated and heartfelt.

Also, like how I find Portland’s rain to be overexaggerated so as to keep folk away, London’s not-so-shitty weather is their best-kept secret.

This update was May 19th, 2019.