What I’m doing now

I’ve been in San Francisco 3 weeks now 😮 2-3 more to go… at least.

The Effective Altruism Global conference was so good. I’m still processing it, and will write a post with my takeaways. I’ve lots of homework to do, too. For example, implementing tips learned from the 1-hour CFAR workshop at the conference (their 4-day workshops cost ~$4,000) and tools from (by startup studio SparkWave, whose CEO spoke at the conference).

I’ve had 2 close friends – both of whom I haven’t seen in about a year – come to visit which was really nice. I’ve also had a pretty packed calendar catching up with SF-based friends, and meeting contacts old and new.

I’ve been working from Block71, a co-working space which is near my apartment, has Singapore ties, and is by a beautiful park (South Park). This trifecta has been amaze.

Looking forward to my ex-boss’ 3-year old’s birthday party in Berkeley + the SF pride parade this weekend.


This update was Jun 18th, 2018.