What I’m doing now

I’ve been in Singapore a week now. I flew here after spending a few days in Brussels. It was my first time there, and much more French than I had anticipated. I went north to Wolvertem to meet with the reigning Belgian Brewers Cup Champion for my side project, Coffee Collectif, then met up with a close friend who happened to have grown up a couple blocks from the barista’s house. They are both Flemish. I also went south to Uccle to see family friends, who are French. I learnt an adorable French/Dutch word: Merikes, and had my fair share of Belgian chocolate, waffles, mussels, & fries.

I’ve been working less this month, & spending time with family, plus those who are in town for Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year is tomorrow, and this Dog year is supposedly best for Snake people (me!).

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, Ash Wednesday, and the eve of Chinese New Year Eve. It was interesting to see Catholicism and local culture coming together in church. The priest said that there’ll be a Chinese New Year mass, and those born in the year of the Dog will receive a red packet. Later that day, I found out that the Archbishop announced that we don’t have to fast this Ash Wednesday since it coincides with Chinese New Year. 😅 (& make it up another day)

Looking forward to being heads down in work come Monday, getting back to my exercise routine, and making progress in learning Python and building Travel the World in Art.

This update was February 15th, 2018.