What I’m doing now

When leaving work two Fridays ago, I mentioned to colleagues that I’m going for “sub-par Beigel Bake” bagels to satisfy my bagel craving + since it’s on the way home. I explained that though they’re a London institution, they’re not super bagel-y, & more of a pretzel cum bagel. I wondered if this is the English-style of bagels, but an English colleague said this is pretty much the only place in London that sells bagels.

Post-bagels I realized “hey these are yum”. And that the Montreal and New York bagels that I’m used to aren’t the standard, and beigels aren’t inferior, but different.

I also realized that I’ve been quite the ungrateful prick. When asked why I moved to London, I always give reasons like:

  • My sister is here at the moment
  • I’m eligible for a particular visa for the UK, but not for much longer
  • The US is tricky now with Trump, & I’ll be catching UK pre-Brexit

It makes it sound like the UK was what was left after a process of elimination. It was the de facto choice.

That weekend, I found myself in central London, in the hustle and bustle of Picadilly Circus. Of theatres, of buskers. Many are here hustling & trying to Make It.

I’m here, I’ve Made It. & I’m grateful.

I’m grateful for all the cultures I’m surrounded by, and all the languages I hear every day. I’m grateful for the community at the Catholic Brazillian church I go to. I’m grateful for my OG friend in London, Jana, & my newer friend, Kieran. I’m grateful that I’ve been seeing a play in the theatre once/mo, & for the 2 foxes I’ve seen so far!

I’ve been in London 4 months now. I feel settled, but not as much as I had envisioned. I don’t have as much downtime & lazy weekends spent reading as I’d like. I think it’s all the travel. I’ve been going on 1-2 trips/month. & I’ve got a pretty crazy itinerary coming up:

  • Manchester next weekend to meet my Dad
  • Boston the week after for work
  • Montreal

I’m a bit tensed about leaving my very expensive London apartment empty/unutilized for 2 weeks, but I’m looking forward to seeing loved ones in Montreal, having Montreal bagels, & a real winter.

This update was Feb 10th, 2019.