I’m Nicole, a startup/growth marketer. I’m currently based in London after “digital nomad”-ing from 25 countries over the last 3 years. I’ve spent my career working in high tech, and am now particularly interested in helping purpose-led organizations solve for social or environmental impact.

Previously, I led the marketing efforts at Nexalogy, founded fashion eCommerce startup Jolietta, and earned a degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

I’ve traveled to 40+ countries and lived in 5 cities (Vancouver, Singapore, Halifax, Tokyo, Montreal). I love the arts, snowboarding, and breid. Every day I strive to be bold and be kind.

I am trying to be an Effective Altruist, and volunteer with Founders Pledge and The Life You Can Save. I’m interested in using #dataforgood and #techforgood.

What am I doing now? See my “now” page, which changes often.
Contact me via Twitter or by email. To chat all things startup/growth marketing, book a call with me on GrowthMentor.