I’m Nicole, a Demand Generation Manager at Snyk. I’m currently based in London after working from 25 countries over the last 3 years.

Previously, I led the marketing efforts at Nexalogy, founded fashion eCommerce startup Jolietta, and earned a degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

I’ve travelled to 40+ countries and lived in 5 cities (Vancouver, Singapore, Halifax, Tokyo, Montreal). I love the arts, snowboarding, and wine. Every day I strive to be bold and be kind.

I care deeply about the environment, and am passionate about global health and poverty. I’m trying to be an Effective Altruist, and volunteer with Founders Pledge and The Life You Can Save. I’m interested in using #dataforgood and #techforgood.

What am I doing now? See my “now” page, which changes often. Contact me via Twitter or by email.