I’m Nicole, a startup/growth marketer. Data minded with a rounded skill-set in order to experiment my way to the answer, I always have one eye on creative content and the other on analytics.

Dangerous enough to know how to code and sociable enough to sell, I’ve been shortlisted for the Women in Marketing awards last year, as well as the Future Stars of Tech and Women in Software Power List awards this year.

I’m currently based in London after “digital nomad”-ing from 25 countries over the last 3 years. I’ve spent my career working in high tech, and am now particularly interested in helping purpose-led organizations solve for social or environmental impact.

Previously, I led the marketing efforts at Nexalogy, founded fashion eCommerce startup Jolietta, and earned a degree in Mathematics and Statistics.

I’ve traveled to 40+ countries and lived in 5 cities (Vancouver, Singapore, Halifax, Tokyo, Montreal). I love the arts, snowboarding, and breid. Every day I strive to be bold and be kind.

I am trying to be an Effective Altruist, and volunteer with Founders Pledge and climate-action charity The Crowd. I’m interested in using #dataforgood and #techforgood.

What am I doing now? See my “now” page, which changes often.

Contact me via Twitter or by email. To chat all things startup/growth marketing, book a call with me on GrowthMentor.