TLDR; I’m very passionate about sustainability. If you’re doing anything to address the SDGs, I’d be very happy to chat, brainstorm and/or support how I can.

My journey with sustainability

In 2009, living in Tokyo made me a recycling fiend. There were public trashcans, but not recycling bins, so it was the norm to bring recycling home. In the 4-5 storey apartment building that I lived in, we had 1 trashcan, and a whole recycling room. A plastic bottle’s label, cap, and actual bottle would go into 3 separate bins.

In 2017, I was introduced to the Effective Altruism school of thought.

In March 2018, I stopped eating meat. Later that year, I started advising climate-action charity The Crowd.

Since moving to London in September 2018,

I became an OLIO champion, shop second-hand first, and patronise my local bulk store.

I learned to DIY toothpaste, and forage cherries, blackberries, elderflower, wild garlic, and rosehips. I’m learning more about mushrooms, and am an incoming student at Schumacher College which specialises in ecology and social change.

I worked with up-and-coming tech for good startups such as Goodsted, a digital platform for social entrepreneurs to get support from their community.

I switched to a Fairphone, which I hope to use and repair for a long time.

I advised Awe, an app to help regain your sense of awe and wonder through awe-enhanced moments in nature. I’m an active of their community as well as Sustainability Champions‘.

I started composting. Took me awhile since my borough doesn’t collect food waste from my current and previous building/area. Cycling my compost to community gardens has been my weekend activity during COVID-19.

Purpose-driven UK tech companies are coming to the fore, with investment in tech companies addressing SDGs almost doubling in the last year, and growing over 9x since 2013. I’m passionate about tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges and driving momentum for positive change.